The Ultimate Luxury

Upgrade any tour to Maybach or V Class

Upgrade E class to Maybach

Mercedes-Maybach redefines what luxury means in our time: the utmost grace and maximum comfort, attention to detail, the aura of grandeur.

Mercedes-Benz E Class
Mercedes Maybach

Upgrade Viano to V Class

Mercedes V class – New design and even greater comfort.

Mercedes-Benz Viano
Mercedes-Benz V Class
(sedan up to 3 people)
Mercedes-Benz V Class
(minivan up to 5 people)
Extra charge for every hour of use
[on top of the tour price]
+ 2 200 ₽ / hr+ 1 500 ₽ / hr
<strong>To upgrade your tour vehicle</strong>
To upgrade your tour vehicle

Check the Vehicle Upgrade box while filling out Tour Request Form.

If you already sent Tour Request Form, just send us a message via Contact Form.